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HSE and other Irish organizations are in danger of using Windows 7

The Executive Committee for Health (HSE) and countless other Irish organizations have been warned of increased security threats and potentially enormous additional costs stemming from their widespread use of Windows 7. t

Windows 7, which was launched in 2009, is still being used by many Irish organizations, including HSE, who said in the bidding document at the end of last year that there were more than 50,000 users still using the operating system.

Operational system support should end at the beginning of January 2020 when Microsoft is pushing more organizations to upgrade to Windows 10. Although technologic enthusiasts are expected to provide additional support after that date, as it did before it ceased to provide security update for Windows XP, companies are warned that it will probably be at a high price.


Ireland's Auxilion Technology Company said companies that continue to use Windows 7 after security patches stop issuing face significant risks of malicious software. Its head of digital services, Martin Patterson, also warned of the need for Irish organizations to join Windows 10 sooner or later.

"Depending on the size of an organization, migration can take 12 months or longer," said Mr. Patterson.

"Businesses do not really have a choice when it comes to migration to Windows 10. The issue is only when. Delay means extra cost and risk of work with an unsupported operating system and obsolete hardware," he added.

According to the latest Statcounter data, nearly 30 percent of Internet access continues to be implemented through Windows 7 in December.

Mr. Patterson said most of this traffic came from corporate customers because consumers quickly adopted Windows 10 than the company. He warned public sector organizations to face high costs if they continue to use Windows 7, citing 5.5 million pounds (6.3 million euros) that the United Kingdom government previously paid for Windows XP support for another year 2014.

Slow upgrades

"One of the reasons for a controversial upgrade to Windows 10 is the fact that Irish organizations have been considering the complexity of switching from Windows XP. Problems like hardware problems need to be solved, "said Mr. Patterson.

HSE said for Irish time to continuously work on maintaining and upgrading its systems.

"Because providers qualify their solutions on modern desktop operating systems, such as Windows 10, HSE will implement them," said spokeswoman.

Microsoft has already warned users to migrate from Windows 7 early in 2017.

In a blog post that was later deleted, Markus Nitschke, Microsoft's Windows Microsoft Manager in Germany, said Windows 7 "does not meet the demands of modern technology or high IT security requirements."

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