Wednesday , September 18 2019
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IOS 13 will include dark mode and new iPada home screen

As announced, Apple will launch a new fashion model in its new version of iOS 13 at the end of this year. Bloomberg reports that iOS 13 will include dark mode, which is likely to be at the whole system level, for "easier night vision". Many applications have added dark modes in recent years, but many iPhone owners call on Apple to introduce their own support, so it will be a welcome addition. Following is the dark mode that was launched with MacOS Mojave last year.

However, dark mode will not be the only important addendum to iOS 13: CarPlay enhancements are, as reported, planned with the new iPada home screen. We've heard rumors about the redesigned home screen before, but Apple reportedly postponed the introduction for iOS 12 last year, instead improving reliability and performance improvements. Bloomberg does not offer new details about how the new iPada will look like, but also states that iOS 13 includes a card interface to improve application and file management.

Apple also said it integrates new services into iOS 13, including subscription service on the magazine and original video content. Not surprisingly, given Apple's strength in service revenue over the past year. We will probably get a better idea of ​​what features will appear in iOS 13 in June, when Apple is expected to hold its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

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