Sunday , May 16 2021

Jan Vertonghen scoring report: Spurs ace given the difficult time of Manchester United to return injury

Jan Vertonghen made a long-awaited return to Spurs on Sunday afternoon for a month on the sidelines.

Holding a thigh injury in the Champions League draw with Barcelona in December, the Belgian international missed eight games in a hectic season.

The absence of a defender was certainly a blow to Mauricio Pochettina and his team, especially with the limited capabilities of the club in the heart of defense, as Ben Davies moves over his usual position as a leash boss for two games.

Out of Team Carabao Cupa's semi-final victory over Chelsea on Wembley, the manager was surprised by placing the central player straight in the Manchester United clash team.

Here's how the 31-year-old came to the Red Devils on returning to action.

First half

The Belgian was seldom tortured in the first 10 minutes, and Lilywhites started the game very well.

However, he included much more in the next few minutes, and visitors boosted him while they watched to open Wembley points.

After seeing Marcus Rashford overwhelmed him before he saw Hugo Lloris was comfortably rescued, Vertonghen then made the key minute later as he stopped the long ball of Ashley Younga from the release of Jesse Lingard.

Marcus Rashford defeated Jan Vertonghen and set up Manchester United

Keeping it simple when it was in early possession, the former Ajax man started to change it and hit the brilliant ball to the right that Luke Shaw pulled out of the game.

Obviously ruthless as he did not play against Barcelona at Nou Camp, Vertonghen was guilty of Lingard giving a rather inexpensive ball when he sought Christiana Eriksen before the half-time.

Rashford again won the 44th minute at a decisive moment.

False Tripple Defeat was cut off by Paul Pogba, and the England international team paid Spurs while collecting a long ball of Frenchman and shooting near Vertonghena before making a professional final over Lloris.

The defender had no chance of halting Rashford when he was already on his way.

Other half

Almost returning the parity immediately after re-launching through Harry Kane, the Red Devils almost hit Spurs on the counterattack as they looked like another key goal.

Trying to release Lingard on goal, Vertonghen was in the right position to get the ball first to prevent the attacker from going through Lloris.

From there, the defender was barely involved in the game, and his side put the hosts under unmerciful pressure as they sought the equalizer.

Romelu Lukaku was introduced to Anthony Martial in the final stages and he has been having several problems with his country in the past few minutes.

Since the former man from Everton had been better than De Geino's free kick before disposing of the property, he lost from Lukakua in the battle for strength, but Alderweireld was there to cover his colleague.

That was the last engagement of Vertonghena in the game with the hosts who failed to find the way past De Ge after they scored in the second half.


Vertonghen did not let anyone go during his first appearance, but it was clear that he was still insufficient.

Losing the ball abruptly on several occasions, he also fought against the pace of the United striker with Rashford and Martial, which caused problems to the hosts.

Romelu Lukaku in action with Jan Vertonghen

However, it will not take much time before it returns at full speed, and the club will again face a feverish schedule over the next few weeks.

Against Fulham and Watford in the league before the month, Spurs also face Chelsea and Crystal Palace in the Carabao Cup and FA Cup.

Although it was not the impact Vertonghen would want to return from injury, he received vital 90 minutes in the pot, and good news for Spurs is to have his experienced player again.

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