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Jay Z attacks Kanye West from face to face on the new track Meek Mill

Jay Z took the goal of her former associate Kanye Westa with her feature on the new track 'What's Free' to Meek Mill.

The song is part of Mill's new album "The Prestige," which was released today (November 30), and sees Jay Z publicly criticizing his partner Watch the Throne.

Jay Z raped: "No red hat, do not make me Michael and Prince me and you / they are separating you when you get Michael and Prince's DNA / I'm not one of these houses ** as you bought them."

He also obviously criticizes Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian, comparing her with her, Beyonce. "My house as a resort, my house is bigger than yours / my blend, man, my route of course."

The title of the song seems to refer to Notorious BIG's What's Beef, and it also has Rick Ross.

Earlier this year, Jay Z and Beyonce allegedly broke up with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The source said RadarOnline Beyoncé and Jay-Z are "sick" because of their political "shit."

The West has caused enormous offenses with its voice support to President Donald Trump and met with US leader in a strongly criticized move.

Meek Mill said he had tried to talk to West about the visit and found that he had refused.

"In fact, it was a mockery," he told the West. "I think he did not address anything that was related to what was difficult to reform the judiciary. He was not prepared for it, and he did not have to do it."

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