Thursday , May 6 2021

JB Gill why he loves to grow turkey so he can glory and refuse JLS return

JB Gill has shut down the rumors about the JLS reunion soon, recognizing that he prefers turkey breeding to pop-up these days.

The boyband star decided to change the pace five years ago when he left his music career to set up a 11-hectare farm in the field.

JB now enjoys a simple life with his wife Chle Tangney, son of Ace and daughter Chiara, and says his family can not be happier.

"Although I'm pretty busy everyday, I like to have more time for myself," JB said in an interview with Daily Star.

JB left his successful pop career five years ago to dedicate his time to farming

Members of the band JLS Aston Merrygold, Marvin Humes, JB Gill and Oritse Williams
JLS members Aston Merrygold, Marvin Humes, JB Gill and Oritse Williams enjoyed great success

The star, which this week appears on channel 5 in spring on the farm, also said there were no plans to return to the stage with his JLS colleagues.

"It would be a wrong time for me to enter the tour of the reunion, which is so long." "It would not fit my family responsibilities," JB explained.

But the star insists that it is still close to supporting & # 39; Aston Merrygold, Marvin Humes and Oritse Williams, and even visited his farm to buy turkeys.

JB this week appears on spring at the farm

Kelvin Fletcher
Kelvin Fletcher joins JB on the 5th channel

"We're trying to make the most of it," he said. "We're kind of like family, we do not see it all the time, but we're doing great opportunities."

For the time being, JB is busy shooting a spring on a ranch with Farmer Farmer Adama Henson, Lindsey Chapman from Spring Watch Unsprung and former actress Emmerdale Kelvin Fletcher.

This week's gang will be on Cannon Halla's farm in the most busy part of the year.

Like JB, actor Kelvin also forgave the stage – he decided to leave the soapland in 2016 and continue his career in race racing.

The spring of the farm lasts from tonight to Friday at 20:00 on the 5th channel

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