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Kit Harington and Rose Leslie thrill London after a dive

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie in London (Picture: Backgrid)

Harington's Kit was noticed in London with her husband Rose Leslie since her time spent in wellness.

The throne games stars, both 32, celebrated their wedding anniversary and last Sunday in London's Sohoom.

Kit went to jail in Connecticut after the end of the eight-year thriller game where he was treated for stress and alcohol abuse.

The source revealed to the people that a couple now "enjoys the summer, spend time with family and friends".

Insajder added: – The kit looks good. Rose seems happy to return to London.

As he was in Connecticut, he went down. Their focus seemed to be that Kit felt better. And look better. Kit and Rose look happy.

Thousands of thrill games celebrate their anniversary of marriage (Picture: Backgrid)
Kit has completed its work in rehabilitation (Picture: Backgrid)

The star of Jon Snow returned to the capital earlier this month, where they saw him sailing in a taxi in northern London.

The kit was openly talking about the strain that he occasionally recorded the HBO series on his mental health, saying Variety: "When you become a clip on a TV show and TV shows are probably at the peak of your power, the focus is on you ****** frightening.

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Sophie Turner, a former star in a pair, yesterday knit a knot with Joe Jonas in a French ceremony with the stars.

The season thriller season 8 is streaming on TV now.

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