Tuesday , May 18 2021

Latest information on xenophobia in South Africa

The South African government has announced that it has set up a working team to explore socio-economic factors that encourage attacks on foreigners in South Africa.

In March, Kwazulu Natal and the province of Mpumalanga recorded xenophobic attacks that killed some of the hundreds of displaced people after President of South Africa's Matamel Cyril Ramaphos issued a powerful ally warning against aliens.

The intelligence department has also discovered that it explores two messages of social media circulating through the promotion of xenophobic attacks.

Police Minister Bheki Cele reported on the media Friday after meeting the government and the African diplomatic corps.

The International Relations Department promised to increase its awareness of raising public awareness in order to educate South Africans about life in peace together with other nationalities.

Alien attacks have become foreign policy during the election campaign for the May elections, with the controversy of political parties who took their stand on foreigners at each gathering.

The most affected persons in recent attacks were Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi.

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