Monday , July 26 2021

Man Utd news: Jose Mourinho misses what he had at Chelsea and Real Madrid Soccer | Sport

That's the opinion Sky Sports pioneer and former Aston Villa and Chelsea midfielder Andy Townsend.

The United won the fourth defeat this season Sunday, dropping 3-1 at Manchester City rivals.

The red devils are eight in the table after 12 games, with the title of hope apparently already gone.

Before the match against City United was unbeaten in the last four games of the Premier League and took the historic 2-1 win at Juventus in the Champions League.

That trick made Mourinho some breathing because he had previously been a favorite when the bettor was the next top boss who lost his job.

However, Townsend believes there is still enough work to reach Mourinho's success at previous clubs such as Chelsea, Real Madrid and Inter Milan.

And he said that the first call gate would be reinforced in defense.

"Yes (United is outside the front page)," Townsend said.

"I do not think there will be problems with the city, no.

"I would expect to improve even during the season.

"And they should knock on the door, Manchester United is my kindness, they should knock on the door of the fourth.

"Jose does not have four buttocks that he can trust. Jose needs that, the way he plays, the kind of game he plays.

"If you look where he was very successful in Chelsea, either in Inter, Madrid, any of his team always had very solid citizens, regular, competitive, durable defenders in these teams.

"And I know he has spent a lot of money and people will say" hold on, Eric (Eric) Bailly, (Victor) Lindelof, whatever they are not good enough. "

"We will see in full time, but Jose Mourinho can not get the best out of himself or Manchester United with no four on whose side he can lean.

"He does not have it, he does not have it."

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