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Mark Ronson: I'm lost and saved by a drunken farmer & # 39; music, music

Rat this year's Mark Ronson DJ festival hosted a massive party at the Stonebridge bar on Saturday night, including a five-piece DJ set, and Broadway was generally run. We came to him immediately after entering the King Princess's scene in the wreck.

Hello Mark. You were in Glastonbury for only a few hours and you've been able to get out on a different play. How come?

I went to the stage [queer pop star] The Queen of the Princess, who signed my sticker. She was very cute. She asked me to come and make a song with her. She is so "the hands of my music", very fiercely independent and right, because her things are great and I do not want to destroy them. So when she asked, I had a little bit. I came dressed like her. It was sweet.

Your many festivals at the festival. Is that just a stimulus of the moment?

There are probes. This morning I flew to Denmark to practice with Miley Cyrus [for a surprise appearance on her Sunday set], The only way we could practice was to go to the festival where she was playing. Everyone wants their things to sound good. They are all a little perfectionist. It's not just the case of jumping on a couple of decks.

Can you remember your first experience in Glastonbury?

Since I moved to America while I was pretty young, I never experienced Glastonbury until I played it. I heard people talking about the festival like that mythological thing, but you do not really understand until you get there. My first was 2007. It was really blurry. I remember Wale, a DC rapper, on tour with us and not to get out of his tourist bus. He saw the mud and left "no chance". And then we learned that night before Dizzee Rascal wore sacks over his shoes to continue with Arctic Monkeys. So we got Wale out of the bus [using binbags].

Binbags on the sidelines, what's the worst moment in Glastonbury?

In the first year I did not know what I was doing. I had no idea how the earth was laid and I was left somewhere outside the place. I lost on Saturday because I was in some late rave. And our set was on Sunday. So I got kind of embarrassed, thinking, "I have to sleep a little." It starts to rain, and suddenly I see a man coming across the hill. I'm like "Thank God, he will tell me where to go". It turned out to be a super drunk farmer with 40 sheep behind. He was convinced enough to send me, and I fell asleep, but then I thought, "Okay, I will not risk this happiness anymore." I'll stay on the spot. I've never had a bad time here. It is also interesting to come here to play the DJ set. It's hard to do that wrong if you do not have a bad attitude.

Mark Ronson DJing ... that's Glastonbury's hard to do wrong.

Mark Ronson DJing … that's Glastonbury's hard to do wrong. Photo: Lorenzo Garrido

Talking about the rain, you were here in 2016 for the notorious Brexit Glastonbury. What are your memories of it?

Brexit happened a day earlier. It was so fucking crazy, helpless. And it was very muddy, and I could say that I stayed awake just before sleep because all these pictures were from me and Kevin [Parker] wandering through the mud and really looking a bit "okay, go to bed."

What is the festival without which you can not live?

You have to have a toothbrush and your phone is good. But besides that, I think it's a great deal of a "go with the flow".

As veterans, do you have any secret tips give the newcomers?

It does not matter where you go. You are planning to see all these things when you come here and finally have a drink in a bar and it is incredible. You're just listening to the music that blows you from the background. It's vibration, not to get too busy in the schedule and the map. Do it at other festivals. Here's a little more at this time.

It has to be a bit harder when you're famous. Are you able to visit Glaston Incognito?

I like to go out. This year I have two movie cameras and I'm going to take pictures of the audience and the stage. I just wanted to talk to people for fun and work amateur photography. It's a lot of fun to get into the crowd. If you do not enter the crowd, you can not feel the spirit. I realize there's a certain level of stars like Miley, who can not walk around. But that could be the only place where the vibe is cold.

Do you think Miley Cyrus wander around then?

She told me she wanted to get stuck on Sunday night. He made me promise to stay for it. I would like to invite her to my club night on Saturday, but I could not make a good conscience to make her go to the rave in five hours before her big set. I told her, "It does not happen." The point is that he was so generous he wanted to come. And he would kill him. But on Sunday you have to save yourself for the big. Take your dream of beauty.

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