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Mars's curiosity Rover recorded this self on the last day in Veri Rubin Ridge

As you expected from any #travelstagram influencer worth their weight in the moonlight, Mars Curiosity Rover he published an epic self-portrait this week on social media to mark his last day working as a digital nomad on the rhombus Vera Rubin.

– Hola, amigos! How's it going? It's been a while since I knocked on you, "Curiosity Tweeted, And though the rover might consider engaging a consultant to help clean up his linkable language, he followed a photo that does not require any effect editing.

After spending 16 months studying the reef, according to NASA's Web site, Curiosity explained that self-portrait should be taken before moving to the clay rock area that could contain more traces of ancient lakes that helped shape this part – in the Mount Sharp region.

And for followers seeking to master the selfie self-guided guide, the rover also included a 2013 video link with an explanation of how this works.

Justin Maki, engine engineering team leader and deputy representative of Mastcam PI and NASA's jet engine laboratory, explained, as well as every man moving to self-portrayal. Since the hand is 2 meters long, the rover can set the camera in front of itself and above the deck.

Unlike a self-portrait man, the rover has 17 different camera choices, and one selfie is actually a combination of dozens of different shots.

"The self-portrait appears as if it was shot from a wide-angle lens in front of the rover, but it's actually a series of individual images joined together," says Maki. "When these pictures join, viewers no longer see their hand on any of the photos."

So there is no need for a selfie stick.

To understand this self-portrait, NASA says Curiosity "used its camera to capture Mars's handheld lens (MAHLI) at the end of its robotic arm to record a series of 57 images."

Since NASA director Jim Bridenstine said it would be open for sale in "to increase exposure to space activities in popular culture" last August, it will only be time to show whether or not the curiosity Rover will reach his first approval agreement.

And with whom? FabFitFun that loves celebrities done only to collect $ 80 million for funding. If a subscription box can reach Mars, it could be a mark in the sky.

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