Saturday , January 16 2021

Raise condoms

The National Counselor has installed 400 condoms of devices on tertiary institutions, hospitals, hotels, drinking places and other public places throughout Zimbabwe as part of an effort to stop HIV spreading.

Further units are expected in the coming year, with public vehicles and gas stations identified as possible locations.

Zimbabwe has the largest share of condoms in eastern and southern Africa.

According to the NAC 2017 annual report, female condoms had about 4.6 million for 109 million male condoms.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail, NAC Communications Officer, Mrs. Tadiwa Nyatanga-Pfupa, she said: "Research and feasibility studies have been carried out to determine the best placement for machines," he said.

NIC coordinator Chivi District Aids Coordinator Mr. Jonathan Mashingaidze said that around 4,000 condoms could be hourly at Chivia Growth Point, which has the highest prevalence rate of HIV (14 percent) in Masvingo province.

Statistics of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare show that Zimbabwe's highest prevalence rate is Matebeleland South (21 percent), then Matabeleland North (17.6), Mashonaland East (15, 2), Midlands (15) and Bulawayo (14.3) , Mashonaland West (13.2), Masvingo and Harare (12.8), Mashonaland Central (11.9) and Manicaland (10.5).

The national prevalence rate is 14 percent.

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