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Rose McIver says he inspired Meghan Markle as he made the Christmas prince Continue

It was a stressful year, but at least you can count on Hallmark, Lifetime and Netflix to get you happy. After all, what is relaxing from watching a neglected woman falls in love with a Christmas tree farmer? So, decompress with all of our wonderful vacation content here.

When Christmas prince debuted at Netflix at the end of last year, has become a cultural phenomenon. A happy holiday movie – it's a journalist, Amber, who travels to the fictional country of Aldov to cover the tabloid magnet Prince Richard – was so ubiquitous at one point that Netflix even made joke about: "For the 53 people who watched Christmas prince every day in the last 18 days ", the streaming platform tweeted," Who hurt you? "

Of course, Christmas prince it might have served as an emotional catharsis for some; For most, though, it was just a fun, miraculous story. Well, maybe not so Capricious after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement – it just turned the heat Christmas prince.

So when Netflix announced a extension on film, Christmas prince: Royal Wedding, just a few days before the actual royal wedding of Markle and Prince Harry, no one was surprised. Of course, this did not make the fans less excited. The second hole in this series that follows Amber is struggling to keep her identity while planning her wedding to Richard (sound familiar), One of the most anticipated films this season. Rose McIver, who plays Amber, is still astonished by the sensation of an upright response to our culture Christmas prince, We talked with her about the cult that followed and continued to inspire Vojvotkin Sussex. Warning of the Connection: It Did.

This franchise is so big and popular. When did you sign up, did you have the slightest liking to turn it into what it has?

Rose McIver: I had no idea. I find it so difficult to predict in general which projects are doing and what things will get to the public. You can be so devoted and devoted to something and it just does not work. That's why I'm pretty good now when I'm like I'm doing the best I can and will be pleasantly surprised when it comes to finding some audience like Christmas prince done.

What about the story that resonated with you and made you sign up?

McIver: I think it's a fun, happy Christmas movie. I have every chance in my life to make really dark, bitter stories and that's something that was fun. She was shot in Romania; I've never been there before. And that's the kind of movie I'm going to put and make a jigsaw for myself. So I thought, let's see if it works. Let's see what's happening.

Why do you think it affects people the way it is?

McIver: I do not really know. I'm too close to the project to see it. I think at this point in the world there are a lot of access to terrible news. Not only are bad things happening; this is the fact that they are reported in the way they are. I think we sometimes feel a fairly depleted state of things we see them and that is the opportunity to escape again and believe in fairy tale and be kids. It is nice. I'm glad the audience was found.

PHOTO: Netflix

We talked with actresses who worked on similar movies mark, and they agree that people are looking for escape rather than ever.

McIver: We have reached a top trauma in terms of what we can testify and think, and I think everyone needs escape and time for fun. Especially when such a famous story is. You know things will work well, and they do it. This is a nice relief at the moment.

I can not talk to you about this sequel, not to mention Meghan Markle. Was she at all an inspiration?

McIver: Certainly until the second movie appeared. The first movie was by itself, I thought. Certainly at the time when the royal wedding film came, I had a great look at this young woman who shaken patriarchy and old-fashioned values ​​and brought a contemporary look at what can sometimes be a pretty dated regime. It was an inspiration, and we were all on the edge of our seats looking to see what she was wearing [to her wedding to Prince Harry]But I never followed royal weddings or anything that grew up, so it was new to me. Seeing the size and splendor was pretty amazing.

How long did it come from when you made a movie?

McIver: We must have talked about her. Not the same story or anything. It was just a head and acknowledgment that at this point it was a very timely story of a woman who would be in the royal family who might be challenging some of the norms.

Did you even research Meghan? Or did you just follow her?

McIver: I just followed her like everyone else. My character was not based on her, so I did not make a significant amount of research. But I was very curious and followed him along with the news to see how things went by.

PHOTO: Netflix

Was part of the film aware of your understanding of how to have a relationship that is so public? Like Meghan Markle?

McIver: Relationships can be difficult in many times, but even harder when you're studying everyone around you. I am very grateful that I have no connection that is crazy in the public eye or anything else. I think these people are on a very demanding journey.

What do you think people are taking away from this sequel?

McIver: I hope people feel a moment of relief from one of their everyday madness and the waves of traumatic news we are constantly experiencing. I hope there is a chance for people to sit, watch him with their beloved ones, laugh, have a couple of ewes, and they are removed.

Christmas prince: Royal Wedding now running on Netflix.

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