Monday , March 1 2021

Sibanye Gold (SBGL) declined for sale on Citigroup

Citigroup has lowered its shares Sibanye Gold (NYSE: SBGL) from a neutral rating to a sales review in a report released Tuesday morning, reports The Fly.

Other research analysts have also recently published research on the company. Zacks Investment Research has upgraded Sibanye Gold from a sales rating to a retention report in a research report Wednesday, August 22. Macquarie has cut off Sibanye Gold since neutral on January 28, from a neutral rating to a worse rating. Finally, ValuEngine sold Sibanye Gold from the sales grade in a strong sales review in the research report on Wednesday, August 15. Three shareholder companies rated shares with a sale value, one awarded a rating for the purchase, and one awarded the rating firm for the purchase. Shares have an average Moon rating and an average price of $ 2.75.

SBGL shares traded below $ 0.15 during the trading day on Tuesday, reaching $ 2.38. Shares had trading volume of 2,777,614 shares, compared to the average volume of 4,231,186. Sibanye Gold has 12 months low of $ 2.02 and 12 months high at $ 5.66. The company has a debt ratio of 1.11, a fast ratio of 1.30 and a current ratio of 1.85.

Several hedge funds have recently changed their positions in SBGL. Exor Investments UK LLP increased its position in Sibanye Gold for 33.3% in the second quarter. Exor Investments UK LLP now owns 42,531,190 basic stock companies worth $ 102,925,000 after acquiring additional 10,629,286 shares in the last quarter. Alps Advisors Inc. during the second quarter increased its stake in Sibanye Gold shares by 287.9%. Alps Advisors Inc. now owns 3.094.552 shares of core stock worth $ 7.489,000 after acquiring additional 2,296,863 shares during the last quarter. During the third quarter, JPMorgan Chase & Co increased its stake in Sibanye Gold by 1.195.1%. JPMorgan Chase & Co. now owns 1,717,405 stock of basic stock company worth $ 4,276,000 after acquiring additional 1,584,798 shares during the last quarter. Jane Street Group LLC increased its stake in Sibanye Gold by 148.9% over the second quarter. Jane Street Group LLC now owns 2,056,714 shares of basic stock at $ 4,977,000 after acquiring additional 1,230,392 shares during the last quarter. Finally, Investec Asset Management LTD acquired a new stake in Sibanye Gold during the second quarter of $ 2,834,000. Institutional investors and hedge funds own 57.06% of company shares.

Sibanye Gold Company Profile

Sibanye Gold Limited operates as a company for the precious metal mining industry in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the United States. The company operates via PGM; and the division of gold and uranium. It owns and operates gold and platinum group metals (PGMs), including platinum, palladium and rodio operations and projects, as well as by-products, such as iridium, ruthenium, nickel, copper and chromium.

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