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Team Corbin against corner clock

WWE Braun Strowman

WWE TLC 2018 will feature Rawove Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, who fight for the InterContinental Championship, as well as SmackDown's Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles who are turning to the WWE championship. Also, the first women's match TLC is finally going on. All titles of the championship, except for Brock Lesnar's Universal Title, should be in line with this PPV.

On Raw's side of things on WWE TLC 2018, Seth Rollins will defend his Intercontinental title against his former brother Shield Dean Ambrose. Ronda Rousey will defend his title against Nia Jax, who won the king's battle at the first women's PPV, Evolution, to make this happen.

Pain writers will most likely defend their titles with raw materials against Bobby Roode and Chad Gable, who later had problems with Drake Maverick.

Finally, according to raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon, Braun Strowman really had to face Constabil Corbin in the TLC match, which is a competition for Universal Title No. 1, as well as Constable Corbina's jurisdiction over Raw. However, Braun's injuries could easily change those plans, and we might have a factional war in the main case of this PPV, while Corbin has collected talents from the heels on his side.

At SmackDown, WWE Champion Daniel Bryan will defend his title against AJ Styles, who called for his auditor clause. SmackDown's female champion Becky Lynch is scheduled to defend his title in a threefold threat to the TLC match against Charlotte Flair and Asuke, who recently won the Battle of King at SmackDown Live. Usos won the SmackDown Tag Champs The Bar at SmackDown Live, and will most likely get the title of this PPV.

American champion Shinsuke Nakamura has recently attacked Rusev on SmackDown Live so he will probably win the title once more. As for the uncomfortable conflicts, Samoa Joe-Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton-Rey Mysterio look convincing enough for the card based on current clusters.

Raw and SmackDown will collide for one game in this PPV for the finals for mixed games, where the best Mixed Mark from Rawa will be faced with the best mixed tag from SmackDown. The winners will earn an annual vacation as well as # 30 seats in their male and female royal rumbles in January. Without further notice, we anticipate the TLC card as well as the winners for each game.

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