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That's the Sixty Vs Surbhi Rana in the house again

New Delhi:

The fate of Sestina and Surbih Rane, which broke out on Thursday during the captaincy, continued on Friday. The surge promised to make Sheshan and in turn would leave the house. Surbie talked about Sreesant's "struggles" during his critical career, making him upset. Dipika Kakar takes up for the Snail and fights with Surbhij, who accused the actress of supporting him despite his guilt. While the fight took place, Bigg Boss announced that it was time for housemates to unanimously appoint three contestants to kalkothri ki sazaa, Sixty, Deepak, and Surbian names came to the punishment.

Soon, Bigg Boss gave contestants a chance to help a member get out kaalkothri, Three locked boxes were kept in the task, which had the key kaalkothri and there were ice tables in the kindergarten, each of which had the key that was hidden in the boxes. Romil played for Sixty, Rohit for Deepak and Karanvir for Surbhi. The trio had to sit on a plate with a plate and had to persuade others to help Sreesanth, Deepak, and Surbhi by breaking the other ice chip hammer. Jasleen played a role sanchalak, Megha and Dipika helped Romila and were the first to complete the task. As a result, Sreesanth came out kaalkothri

Later in the day, Bigg's boss assigned a secret assignment to Meghi, where he had to put some things in different parts of the house to spread the fear of black magic (false, of course). Megha did her job with full determination. After the other hosts slept, she completed the assignment and told the false story of Jasleena saying someone had woken up.

On Saturday, Salman Khan will review weekly activities on Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

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