Thursday , June 24 2021

The Dutchman, 69, has filed a lawsuit to become 20 years younger

Emile Ratelband has launched a legal bid to change her age for 20 years to improve her chances for women on date applications such as Tinder and job prospects, according to Dutch media.

"You can change your name, change your sex, why it's not your age, no one is as discriminated as with your age," said Ratelband, Dutch paper De Telegraaf.

On Monday, he filed a lawsuit in his native Arnhem, east of the country, as the date of birth changed from March 11, 1949 to March 11, 1969.

He told the court to "suffer" as a 69-year-old and feel "20, 25 years younger" than his official age, according to Algemeen Dagblad, the Dutch newspaper.

According to the newspaper, the court is skeptical about the Ratelband case because there is no legal precedent in this area. The decision was made within four weeks.

Ratelband, whose web site describes it as a personal development entrepreneur, told De Telegraaf's "young god" and said the change at its right age will help him live a life of taste.

"If I put Tinder I'm 69, I will not get the answer …[As] 49, with this face, then I swelled, "he said.

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