Monday , May 17 2021

The foldable 5G smartphone Mate X arrives at the official Huawei · TechNode store

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X Mate X 月 屏 手机 官方 官方 月 6 IT 开 卖 – IT Home

What happened: Huawei's new folding smartphone, Mate X, is now listed at Huawei's official Vmall online store, although it is not yet available for purchase. The website does not determine how much it will cost the folding phone, but Huawei said it would start at $ 2,299 ($ ​​2,580) when announcing its launch at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona in February. The Chinese tech giant also said the phone will be available in mid-2019.

Why it matters: Huawei Mate X is the first device with 5G enabled smartphones to convert to a 6.6-inch 8-inch tablet smartphone. Its incredible price surpasses Samsung's equivalent Galaxy Fold, which will be sold for $ 1,980. Samsung announces Galaxy Fold on April 26, and AT & T and T-Mobile sell the phone on the US market. However, Huawei's phone will not be available in the US; the smart phone manufacturer has been alert to the US market ever since the carriers moved away from plans to sell their smartphone Mate 10, allegedly after the US government's pressure.

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