Saturday , September 18 2021

The government warns against protests to redeem Mnangaga

Minister of Interior and Cultural Heritage, Cain Mathema issued a statement warning of politicians and civic organizations
against proving to be destroyed
Constitution-elected government.

Mathema said the police were ordered to arrest demonstration organizers. He said to Mathema:
"We are aware of the fact that there are some political leaders who are calling for destruction
Constitution-elected government
through demonstration.
the government is fully aware of some
elements that want to register their own
dissatisfaction with the recent release
economic measures of saving and communicating public emotions to help their selfish political purpose.

Anyone who finds encouragement of violence, the intimidation of people engaged in their affairs, advocating illegal gatherings, and influencing civil servants to go to the strike will face full anger. Law Enforcement Agencies will not hesitate to hold a responsible convocation group of illegal gatherings that are responsible for all potential activities involving violence and
destroying property in the country

especially the central business area. "State media

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