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The US says an air strike kills 24 extremists al-Sabab in Somalia

The US military announced on Thursday that it had killed 24 extremists al-Sabab with an air raid in Somalia, which is one of the deadliest in the months.

An air strike was carried out on Wednesday near an extremist camp near Shebeeley in the central Hiran area north of the capital of Mogadishu, according to a statement by the United States of America.

It was the ninth such an air raid this year was carried out by the United States. Last year, the United States carried out almost 50 strikes in the country of the African horn against al-Shababa associated with al-Qa'ida, the deadliest Islamic extremist group in Africa.

Al Shabab took responsibility for attacking a hotel complex in the neighboring Kenya capital earlier this month, where 21 people died. An extrémist group, targeting Kenya as a retaliation for sending troops to Somalia, also targeted hotels, government offices and control points in Mogadishu with suicide bombings.

The group is also accused of stealing humanitarian aid in a country that is often affected by drought and extermination of residents and passengers to finance its attacks.

The US statement states that aviation attacks are intended to support Somali forces by increasing pressure on al-Shabab and its recruitment efforts in the region, particularly in southern and central Somalia. Extreme camps and other safe havens are targeted.

The American statement states that no civilian was killed or injured in the last attack.

In the United States, on January 19, 52 extremists al-Sabab in the Juba region were killed in the air strike after a "large group" attacked Somali forces. A Somali informant said the extremist group had gathered around 400 fighters for more than a week to launch a major attack on Somali and Kenyan forces to halt the planned offensive.

In October, the United States said around 60 fighters near the Hararder community in the Mudug province in the central part of the country were killed in an air strike.

The United States has dramatically increased air strikes on al-Shabab in Somalia since President Donald Trump assumed office. However, experts say extremist victories need more than aerial attacks.


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