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Tips to help beat the heat

The heat came to make melita hot again, which means it's time to go swimming or relaxing in the shade. Before you go out, it is important to know the signs of heat-related injuries and a few tips to help you stay cold as the temperature rises and even breaks in some areas.

Glowing heat can be difficult for the body, meaning that heat can be exhausted to anyone at any time, especially those overloaded in the heat. Symptoms of heat exacerbation may include, but are not limited to, severe sweating, difficulty breathing, fast but weak pulse, dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting; If symptoms are serious, seek medical help immediately.

Some people may be exposed to increased risk of heat exhaustion, such as those with heart disease, high blood pressure, those over the age of 65, infants, children, and those who have sunburn, as they disrupt the skin's cooling mechanism. Exhaustion of heat can escalate to a life-threatening condition called thermal shock; During this condition, the body is no longer able to cool through sweating, which can lead to major organ damage.

Symptoms of heat stroke include, but are not limited to, hot and dry skin, fever more than 102 degrees fahrenheit, confusion, headache and unconsciousness; If a person experiences a heat stroke try to cool them, make them shade and, if possible, turn on the air conditioner, apply cool water with wet cloths and immediately call for medical help.

When it's hot outside and you'll be outdoors be sure to drink plenty of water, 2 glasses of water per hour is a good rule of thumb. Many enjoy alcohol, but affect the ability to properly sweat and it is best to avoid it, as well as caffeine that is a natural diuretic.

During the peak hours when temperatures at the highest level try to avoid being active from the outside, prefer to hold the shade so that your body's thermostat may have a chance to recover. Try to put on light-colored and loose clothes that can breathe, allowing sweat to escape and try to keep your head covered with a hat.

Stay in and enjoy A / C, but if you have to go outdoors, the fans are fantastic, some even splashed the fog in your face as it spreads. To cool off quickly, try taking a shower / bath, place a cold cloth on your forehead, or dip in a shaded pool.

Sleeping in the heat is difficult, a good supporter can help, as well as sleeping on a wet cloth or cloth. Home remedies suggest putting the linens in the bags for a place in the freezer for a few hours then putting it back on your bed just before bedtime.

Try to avoid eating hot foods because it's hot outside, eating hot food will only boost the effects. Fresh raw fruits and vegetables can be a better choice that can help you cool down and provide some water content.

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