Tuesday , May 18 2021

Truro City football player was lying in the field for hours

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Michael Herve has seriously injured his shoulder during the Truro City match with Concord Rangers

The injured footballer remained in the field for more than two and a half hours before the urgent help arrived at the hospital.

The Truro City and Concord Rangers match in the National League of the South was abandoned after a shoulder injury on Saturday at about 4:30 pm.

Truro player Michael Herve could not be moved until emergency help arrived at 19:10.

The Southwest ambulance said it reacted at targeted times.

The midfielder finally got up in the emergency wagon and taken to the Royal Cornwall hospital, less than two miles from the Treyew Road.

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Emergency aid did not arrive more than two and a half hours after the injury

Truro City Physiotherapist Ian Leigh stayed with the on-field player and used dumbbells and jackets to keep him warm.

The team missed it on the rails, but still did not get away from the field because it felt good.

The referee decided to give up the game because there was no security on the field after 18:00, and the game could not continue with the player who was lying on the field.

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Fizio Truro City Ian Leigh attended the player as they waited for an emergency

Concord Rangers, from Canvey Island in Essex, had 620 miles of back-to-back run and was 1-0 at the time of injury after 75 minutes of play.

The league will now decide what will happen, with the repetition of the most likely outcome.

The Emergency Department stated that her clinical center initially rated the call as a category three, giving the two-way target response time.

It was upgraded, after a postponement, to category two.

The service announced that it had reached the 40-minute target for this kind of call.

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