Saturday , February 27 2021

Vine is a co-founder to launch a new video looping byte in the spring of 2019

Co-founder Dom Hofmann said on Thursday he plans to launch a helicopter's once-popular video conferencing application next year.


When a Twitter asked if the new service would be "v2" – which means monitoring Vine-Hofmann, he replied: "Yes." The heir of vineyard previously called "V2" by his creator.

Vineyard success details are rare today, and only the site invites potential customers to sign up for updates and potential content creators to join the "creator" program. The CNBC sent Hofmann to Twitter for comment, but the response was not immediately available.

As for the support, Vine's co-founder says his new company has the means, team and product behind it.

Hofmann's announcement comes more than two years after Twitter – Vine's former owner – first said he would shut down the service. The application was officially suspended in January 2017, and the company later said that it had created an online archive for users to see video clips.

The service – which allows users to share six seconds of video that can often be viewed on the loop – was great by allowing some of the most famous so-called "social media" including YouTube video producers Logan and Jake Paul and pop artist Shawn Mendes.

The buyer allegedly bought Twitter in October 2012 for $ 30 million, a few months before launch. The app has become wildly popular and has become the most popular free app on Apple's iOS App Store.

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