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Where was Mary Queen of Scotland recorded? Locations you can visit

The story of Mary Queen of Scots is firmly associated with Scotland, so it's no wonder the team behind the movie decided to record on many beautiful locations in the country.

The film follows the Scottish queen, who came to England for assistance, but ultimately spent most of her life in jail for the threat she had suffered – which her cousin Elizabeth I had occupied.

While her younger life spent in France after being smuggled out of the UK as a baby, the latest movie in which Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan starred in her later life in Scotland when she returned to the 19-year government.

Despite criticisms of the historical inaccuracies of the film, the locations used are very real.

With so many beautiful locations and links to the area, let's look at where the movie was shot?

Glen Coe

Glen Coe in the snow

The BBC said the crew was detected at the shooting site at Glen Coe. The area had little to do with Mary, but that was the location of the Glencoe massacre. If that sounds, it's because it has become inspiration for the Red Wedding game throne.

Strathdon, Aberdeenshire

The production took place in Strathdon, although it was not yet related to Mary Stuart's life, it is a stunning area. There are plenty of places to stay as well as things to see.


Eastern Lothian

The home in Dunbar Castle, which was considered to be an invaluable fortress and the place Mary escaped-or was abducted.

In 11566, pregnancy with King James VI. From Scotland, she had just ridden for five hours to escape and gather her people after Lord Darnley, her husband, betrayed and killed the Lord, bore the rest of Lord.

Port Dunbar and Castle Ruins, Eastern Lothian, Scotland

Then she returned to Edinburgh and stayed until her son was born. The shooting took place in the capital of Scotland.

The Chiltern Open Air Museum in Buckinghamshire

Arborfield Barn at the Museum of Outdoor Museum Chiltern

The scenes were also shot in the open-air museum at Chiltern at Buckinghamshire, Arborfield Barn, including the moment when both Queens meet – a moment that did not happen in real life.

Scenes on the last recording days for Margot Robbie, who also received a specialist hospitality team to make Churros grateful for the crew.

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The Queen of Scotland is now in the cinema.

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