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Who is running for royal children's godfathers?

Who will be chosen as the gods of Harry and Meghanina baby (or baby, if you believe in the "professional" predictions that she has twins).

Members of the royal family traditionally have a larger set of rotten than our regular muggle. Prince Louis has six rocks, Princess Charlotte has five, and Prince George has seven.

And the fact that Prince William and Kate Middleton are not gossips, has nothing to do with one of those silent rumors of the royal feud. Royals usually choose close friends of godfathers, for which Prince Harry is not the daughter of his niece and nephew.

We rounded our most valuable competitors, most likely (Mulroneja) to the least (we would like to see Nick Jonas as a royal kuma, but we are also realists).

Indoor circle: Jessica and Ben Mulroney

Jessica and Ben Mulroney(Getty Images)

Jessica and Ben Mulroney are the top choices for the godfather. Close friend Jessica has shaped Markle for years and hired her a royal tour of Australia. Her husband, Ben Mulroney, the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, so the couple has a suitably powerful pedigree.

Listers: George and Amal Clooney

George i Amal Clooney(Getty Images)

Speech has – well said 'source' & # 39; Daily Mail to be the first pair to run. Clooney's cousin, Ben Breslin, even looked at and told the tabloid that the actor would make "wonderful about everything." Harry and Meghan spent time with Clooneys in Italy, and the Duchess and Amal were dating in England. Clooney's figure of tequila, Casamigos, was also a leper on a royal wedding – which should be useful if they want a fearful baptism.

Commissioners: Jake and Zoe Warren

Jake and Zoe Warren (David Hartley / Rex /Shutterstock)

Jake and Harry together went together to Eton, and Jake's two-year-old daughter Zalie was the youngest bridesmaid on the royal wedding. Jake was also one of the 17 grandchildren of Princess Diane, so the parade appeal was a nice way to carry the tradition.

Power pair: Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian (Getty Images)

It is less likely that Serena Williams will be chosen as a kuma, but Meghan is still very close to the tennis player. The couple became friendly in 2014 and Serena said she and Meghan relied on each other emotionally from the royal wedding. The couples also had a double date in May when they were noticed in Prince Harry's pants in Ascot. Markle was backed by Williams in October when the Duchess was wearing a swimwear blazer during a tour of Australia.

Old friends: Benita and Darren Litt

Benita Litt (Getty Images)

Benita is one of Markle's oldest friends, and her daughter, Rylan and Remi, were bridesmaids at the royal wedding. The Sussex dictator was also a kid and for the kids, so it would not be unexpected if he chose a couple.

Family friends: Major Nicholas van Cutsem and Alice van Cuts

Chief Nikola and Alice are out Cuts(Icon Pictures / Rex /Shutterstock)

Not surprisingly, Prince Harry is a popular choice as a kuma. He's a kuma Florence van Cutsem, who was a bridal wristwoman. Nicholas van Cutsem He is also one of the parents of Prince Louis, since he is a close friend of both brothers. If their last name sounds familiar, maybe that's why Grace van Cutsem is best known for being a "grumpy bridesmaid" mem in the 2011 royal wedding.

Nick Jonas i priyanka Chopra (Getty Images)

Both pairs are especially busy at this time, with recent reports surfing how Prince Harry and his wife can not attend the wedding of actress and pop singer in India. Still, we would like to live in a world where Nick Jonas, sometimes best known for taking his peak and singing the cover of Busted's "3000", offers counsel and leadership to a royal family member.

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