Friday , August 6 2021

Zimbabwe: 47 die in fear of bus crash News from the world

Forty-seven people were killed in Zimbabwe when two buses collided on the road between Harare's capital and eastern Rusape.

"We confirm that 47 people were killed in a car accident on 166km of tracks along the Harare-Mutare Highway," police spokeswoman Paul Nyathi said.

On Twitter, the state daily Herald stated that the pictures from the scene were too graphic for publication.

The article states that the morgue at the local public hospital in Rusape disappeared from the universe and asked for help from a private funeral home to enter some bodies.

Map of Zimbabwe showing horns and shrubs

Traffic accidents are common in Zimbabwe, where roads have been demolished due to years of inadequate funding and neglect, but the highway where the accident has recently occurred.

In June last year, 43 people were killed in a bus crash in the north of the country, along the highway leading to neighboring Zambia.

Deputy Transport Minister, Fortune Chasi, said the government would take steps to halt heavy traffic.

"Completely unnecessary loss of life. This event should be the last before strenuous measures are taken," he said tweeted, promising to stop public vehicle vehicles and their owners.

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